crank 2 – trailer!

2009 03 Jan

you know, when i was a kid, i’d love to see those „bud spencer and terence hill“-movies. They were just right when you’re a kid: easy to remember story (this can be critical!), a lot of fun and some good action. But sadly, when you become older, you can’t really watch them anymore for some reason 😉 . You still love and miss them. But watching even one once again hurts so much, that you realize it’s better not to touch it once and for all.

The good thing is that you don’t have to: when i watched „crank“ with jason statham the first time, i couldn’t belive what i had seen. I felt like a kid once again. With the exception of watching all those films one after another with 8x speed 😉 . (more…)

Tilt Shift Tutorial

2008 01 Dec

Today I’m gonna talk of „tilt-shift“, and how you can achieve one of the effects with no more than a simple camera, or if you already have some digital photos, you simple use one of them.

I’m not gonny  …

the setting is what it’s all about

2008 21 Nov

I might be a little late with this, but this one’s so great i don’t want you to miss this.

When someone was going for vice-president and was teached how to circumvent critical questions behave like a politician, you  …


2008 12 Nov

Wer kennt das nicht, man hat den Seitenaufbau abgesprochen, das Design fertig (zumindest fast 🙂 ), doch es fehlt noch an geeigneten Inhalten. Das „Lorem Ipsum“ will eigentlich keiner sehen. Doch es fällt schwer sich etwas geeignetes aus den Fingern  …


2008 12 Nov

Well this is exactly what you feel , when you’re trying to implement some nice animations on a modern designed website via css and jQuery:

It all seems to start when you photoshop  …