2011 14 Jun

After an endless wait, hell finally froze, The Duke is back, and i can finally watch my beloved series online (very few – until now):

This is the only episode of Futurama -- in all probability, the only episode of anything, anywhere, ever -- in which, at the climax of the episode, the characters prove a mathematical theorem that saves the day. In the story, the characters have all switched brains using a non-reversible brain-switching device, and they need to get each brain back to its original body. The theorem states that there is always a way to move the brains through various bodies until they are all back with their original owners, as long as you first introduce two additional people (with their original brains intact) into the group. The theorem, which can be viewed as a problem in the branch of mathematics known as "group theory", is actually correct. It was constructed by the writer of the episode, Ken Keeler, who has a PhD in Applied Mathematics. (He probably didn't realize at the time he got the degree that the "application" of the applied math would be to cartoon writing.) - David X. Cohen Season 6, Episode 10, Airdate 08/19/2010